Sunday, October 29, 2017

San Jose, Lattin Farms, Liberty Pond, Halloween, parks, etc.

Trip to San Jose



Even though we went to California to see Dallin's side of our family, I also got to see my cousin Haley's family and members of my second and third cousin's families.
Dallin's mom and I got to go see Fiddler on the Roof in Sunnyvale in which my third cousin C. danced. C. is in these pictures as a Jewish woman, Russian man, and Jewish man. 

Goat Days at Lattin Farms


Treasure Hunt

Walking to get Everett after preschool


Playing at the Park


Leaf bug

Liberty Pond

Silliness at home


Adeline and Peter- her makeup job, on the bed, getting into Mommy's jewelry


Dancing with Grandpa at Alicia's second cousin's wedding reception
Everett's date idea for the newlyweds is to "Be together." 

Ward Trunk or Treat


Book Fair
About fifteen minutes after arriving at the book fair, Peter began to throw up on himself and me so I ran into the closest bathroom, which happened to be the boy's bathroom to aim some of it into the garbage can. Luckily the man in there was nice and helped me get some paper towels. I had Everett's teacher's assistant get out Everett's extra shirt for Peter to wear on the walk home. I should really learn to always pack him extra clothes.
Showing me the pumpkin he decorated.


Me- It's a can opener.
Everett- I love it.

Everett- What store is this house from, Safeway or Walmart?

Adeline- I'm going potty with myself. Go out please.

At Everett's parent teacher conference his teacher said he is kind, helpful, and observant, and has a well-developed vocabulary and a good concept of numbers. He is "quite the builder" during centers. He has improved drastically in social-emotional skills and is working on improving his gross-motor skills like jumping, hopping, and balancing.

Adeline had hives for the first time and a fever off and on for a couple of days starting after the ward Trunk or Treat. We're thinking it either had to do with her costume or something she ate.
Peter is still throwing up about once every two days. We're grateful it is not more often like it used to be.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

tours, Preschool, fair, rodeo, farm, haircut

Community Reunion 
Open Houses and a concert in the park Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts

Tour of Old Post Office, Fire Station, and the Douglas House
Everett said he wanted to be a firefighter and that I should be a firefighter and Dallin should stay home with the kids. 
The Douglas House has two separate sets of stairs. The smaller one is painted like the yellow brick road and leads down to the kitchen. Everett went up and down them at least four times and thought they were the coolest things ever..

Everett's first day of his second year of Preschool
He goes five hours a day, five days a week. The program is through the public school.
He picked his backpack to match one of his jackets.
The first few times dropping him off were rough. He cried and wailed and clung and resisted. But a couple nights in and he said he was excited about school and that he liked it. After about a week, he helped comfort another child who was sad while getting dropped off. 
When people ask about his friends at school, he says he only has one. He usually tells me about what he ate for breakfast, what he played with, and what mean thing his friend did at school.

One of the times I've volunteered they had cupcakes for a kid's birthday.

Solar eclipse
 I viewed it a few different ways, but I thought the colander one turned out kind of cool because of the star.

Cantaloupe Festival and County Fair

Our fair fare- Philly cheesesteak, cantaloupe lemonade, and cantaloupe cobbler with cantaloupe ice cream 
The kids' favorite parts were exploring the inside of a cattle truck, shelling and grinding dry corn into cornmeal, and looking at a variety of farm animals. One of our goals was to have Adeline correctly identify a horse versus cow. We're still working on that.



Junior Rodeo


Visiting Grandpa on the farm
Everett and I rode in the loader, Adeline said she wanted to stay in the car and look at the cows.

Peter's first haircut

At :04 you can hear Peter's slight laugh in response to Everett

Other things- We had a nice family dinner at Sandwind's to celebrate Adam's birthday. I had a lovely birthday. We enjoyed the labor day parade. We loved seeing some extended family recently: my distant cousin and her family, and my great uncle and aunt. I started babysitting a little boy, R, who is four months older than Peter.

Everett quotes
"He played with me because we have the same letter of name."

"What's Between the Lions?" (Me- A show that was on PBS when I was a kid.) "You had the same TV as us?!"

Adeline quotes
"I'll turn the light on in the kitchen for you. I'm hungry."

(while riding in the car) "uh... uh...I can't reach it." (Me- What are you trying to reach?) "The house."

Peter's health
TMI warning. Peter had three weeks in a row of vomiting up to five times each day. He lost weight to the point that he weighed less than he did at 9 months. We started giving him pedialyte and pediasure to compensate. After an urgent care visit we changed some things about how and what we were feeding him. But because the vomiting persisted, we got him in to see his pediatrician. She ordered an x-ray and blood work and figured out that he was constipated. I'm grateful it's not something more severe or life-long. After starting a laxative every day he has thrown up about eight times in the last two weeks.  Hopefully it will resolve soon.