Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Baby Gender Reveal, Jurassic tour, Chuck E. Cheese's, Pinewood Derby, visits from Jacob and Gramma



Visit from Jacob's family

Jurassic Tour


Green Eggs and Ham at preschool

Visit from Gramma
Making leprechaun trap
Story time craft 
Ward Pinewood Derby
Everett and his Grandpa Perazzo made the car together.


Chuck E. Cheese's
Everett's friend from preschool invited him to his birthday party here. The kid's parents provided pizza for our whole family, unlimited games and rides for our kids for two hours, and two goody bags.

This kid frequents the kitchen cupboards

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Baby 4, visits from family, holidays

Baby! Due to be born July 24th


Family Dinner

Adeline and Daniel's bday party with Brandon's family in town

Adeline got a camera for her birthday and these were taken by her cousins while at her party

Visit From Grampa


Treasure hunt complete with maps

Visit from Julie

Visit From Gramma

Thanksgiving and after with Jacob's family in town


Everett's birthday

Ward Christmas Party

Preschool activity and graham cracker house

Christmas tree lighting


Bit of snow

Christmas and New Year's in San Jose

Christmas in the Park

Performances we attended December to January: Annie, A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, Singin' in the Rain

The Kids
Everett quotes
"Whoever is wearing blue wins, so I'm winning."
"I've got a bunch of thinking things in my head; do you?"
Adeline quote - "The lion eats me in my bed."

At the farm

Skate Park







Daddy daughter dance



Pictures from Adeline's camera



Preschool Art

Art at home and in San Jose

Warning- the last image may not be for everyone

Cow organs (took the boys to see a cow get butchered)