Sunday, May 20, 2018

Visit from Julie, trip to Spokane, cousins

Everett got to go to New York with his Gramma Marr to visit his cousin Axel! He was pretty anxious the week prior to the trip, nervous about the flight, where he would sleep, etc. so we think he threw up when he arrived because of nerves. Click on the link below to Shannon's post about the trip:

Everett flew with Tracy in and out of Sacramento, so we met up for lunch with Dallin's parents and Brennen when we picked Everett up after the trip. The drive back over the snowy Sierras was one of our scariest yet. At one point we had to drive into the snow bank in order to not get hit by a semi truck that swerved in front of us to miss hitting other cars that had just gotten into a wreck. We are grateful for Heavenly Father's protection in answer to many prayers.


After getting an ultrasound in Reno (while Everett was in NY), we hung out at Scheels with my cousin Sarah for a while, and Adeline got to go on a Ferris wheel for the first time. She enjoyed it and may have been less scared than I was.

Visit from Julie

Gender-reveal party
We did a little March Madness bracket of Easter-themed activity challenges to narrow down who would get to be in the last activity that would reveal our baby's gender.
First round - jellybean toss
 Second round - egg on a spoon race
Last round - egg smash   



Spring Break in Spokane
We drove part way and camped at Crystal Crane Hot Springs near Burns, OR. We had planned to camp at a site further down the road, but the sun was setting and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to set up camp in the daylight. Though it was well past the kids' bedtime, Dallin set up a fire and we made perfect s'mores. I had purchased the s'more ingredients earlier in the week and told Adeline what they were for, so every couple of hours along the way Adeline would say, "When we go to our camping we can have crackers." My air mattress and their sleeping bags all fit snugly across the floor of our tent. Peter fell asleep across my neck after only a few minutes of trying to get comfy. The full moon made it seem like early morning each time Dallin and I woke up every few hours throughout the night. Though we did not wade into the hot spring, it was fun to see others do so, and quite a beautiful addition to the landscape. 
It was awesome to see Dallin's dad, brother, grandparents, all of his aunts and uncles, and many of his cousins. It was especially fun to see Jason and Lori who had not met all our of kids, and to see Benjamin before he left for his mission to Indonesia. 

Easter egg hunt

Our kids were up and ready before a decent hour to visit family each morning, so we filled our mornings with visits to Manito Park and hitting up the library for story and music times.

After watching some Marr family videos in Spokane, Everett wanted to recreate some scenes back at home. My favorite was when Adeline would say some of Aunt Staci's lines. Gold.

On our return trip to Fallon, we camped at Canyon Pines RV resort in Riggins, ID. We stayed dry! It started to rain After we were mostly settled in the tent, continued throughout the night, but Only misted the next morning as we packed up.

Our fire was less cooperative this time, probably in part because of the impending rain. But we still enjoyed some lukewarm s'mores and fire-poking.

Visiting their Great-Grandma Perazzo at the hospital. We sang Grandma a couple of Primary songs and she joined in. 

Birthday party for my mom

Helping out on the farm with cousins

While Brandon and Calista took an anniversary trip to Cancun, their kids stayed with my parents and so we got to have a few cousin hangouts with them.

Mother's Day at my Grandparents' home, the day before my grandma's funeral

At the viewing

At the funeral, my Uncle Glen gave the eulogy, my Uncle Alan told stories, and my dad talked about the Plan of Salvation. My cousins and their kids sang "I Love to See the Temple", and "Families Can Be Together Forever". My female cousins and I sang "Somewhere My Love". 
I'm going to post her eulogy and some of my thoughts about her in a separate post.

  Random pictures and videos

Everett's normal singing voice is clearer without whatever growly thing he had going on, but I like this video because of Adeline's input, and Peter playing with his toes.

 After going to a friend's birthday party, Everett really wanted to make a pinata, so we made a quick cardboard box one.

Put the chairs on the table to vacuum. Apparently it was an invitation.

At Avengers Infinity War with my cousins

A nurse treating Adeline's doll at the library

Adeline quotes
"I'm gonna be a fighter fire when I grow up"
"Mommy, when you get older, you can wear my other dress."
"These are not sandals; they're hole shoes."
"I don't say moo like a cow, cuz I'm just a Adeline."
(referring to her church teacher) "That's my teacher for snacks."
"When the baby gets bigger, then it could come out, and then it could help us make the bunk-bed for Everett."

Mother's Day Questionnaires
Adeline' answers about me in Primary: we like to "play", I like to say, "Clean up!" I really love "saying: go back in bed!" My job is "going to California." If I had time I would like to "eat pizza." If she could go anywhere in the world with me she would go "here." She loves me because "I love him."
Everett's answers from a paper done at school: He says my favorite flower is a: rose, I always say: "I love you!", my favorite color is: blue, I make the best: cinnamon roll pancakes,  I am so good at: driving the car, and his best memory of me is: watching movies together.
Everett's Primary answers were similar, saying that I like to say "I love you", that I love flowers, chocolate, and water, my job is "Mom", I'm really good at cooking, he'd like to go to Disneyland with me, and he loves me because I'm great.

Some pictures in this post were taken from Beth Perazzo's blog, and from Julie and Jeff Marr's facebook pages