Thursday, August 17, 2017

Peter's walking! San Jose Marr mini-reunion. Perazzo reunion in Utah. Late summer 2017.

Peter took his first steps on his birthday!


This video includes some more recent walking. Videos of his early stepping can be found below. 

Eating his birthday pancake and cupcake.


As part of Peter's early birthday celebration, we tried out the water slide and pool built by David and Michael. My (Alicia) favorite parts were racing up and down the slide with my niece L, and seeing Everett be brave and have fun on the slide.

head throw back tantrum
When he first started doing this, he would fall straight back, head-to-the-floor style. Gratefully, he has stopped doing that.

Older quotes from Everett-
Ev- "We gotta buy some money because we don't have money! Let's go to the money store."
Ev- "It's Sunday?! How did it be all the days while we were sleeping?"
Ev- "Don't tell the truth for a week!"
He also went through a phase of dramatically saying, "...ever again" at the end of many sentences.  

More recent quotes-
"It's beautiful in here, so I'm going to call it Christmas."- While driving through Utah in the twilight. 
"She looks exactly the way I want her to be like." (after meeting his new preschool teacher)

Riding with Grandpa

At the library

4th of July

At the parade.

(Everett's wearing the bright blue shirt and the black hat in the following)

Family get-together at Jamiesons', activities at the fairgrounds

Elder's Quorum Family Party




Cousin O. came to visit for over a week.


He stayed with his grandparents most nights, but slept over at our house when they served in the temple. 

One day the kids spent over an hour playing with a cardboard box.

O. came to story-time, and to a magic show and science show with us. After story-time one day, I helped Adeline with some books and then looked over at the boys, but couldn't find O. It took me a few panicked seconds to realize he was buried under the stuffed animals. 

At the museum

At the park


At the pool

Trip to San Jose

See Shannon's post for videos and many more pictures. 
Mini reunion with the California fam plus Shannon, Axel, both of Dallin's grandmas, his Grandpa Beagley, Aunt Julie, and Kira!
At one point, Dallin checked on the kids playing in the big room, and Adeline immediately said, "I'm in timeout" from one corner of the room. Still not sure what was going on with that, but it was pretty funny.

 photo by Jeff Marr
 photo by Tracy Marr

Pictures and videos taken by Julie Marr



Perazzo Family Reunion 

Most of these pictures were taken by Gary Jamieson. A few of them were taken by Alicia P. and one or two by Alicia M.
At any given moment at the reunion, Everett would be found playing with his first or second cousin, Adeline would be in the arms of her grandma or dad, and Peter would be playing in the rocks. Adeline had a low-grade fever most of the time and was therefore pretty puny. She perked up towards the end, and when food was involved.





"The wedding" - Everett upon being asked what his favorite part of the reunion was so far.

We stayed one day longer in Utah to see some of my friends from BYU, Dallin's great aunts, my grandma, my cousin Leslie, and my friend Kanani from Fallon. 

Coming back from Utah, we were less than 10 minutes from our house when we ran out of gas and had to call Daniel to come save us.

Discovery Museum in Reno